Researcher interests: Computer graphics; scientific visualization; virtual reality; computational geometry; scientific computing.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science

Selected Publications

method and apparatus for enhancing a digital photographic image (2013)| | Read more
applying rapid numerical approximation of convolutions with filters for image processing purposes (2012)| | Read more
Daniel Lischinski, Zeev Farbman
tonal stabilization of video (2011)| international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques| Read more
closed form method and system for matting a foreground object in an image having a background (2009)| | Read more
method and system for spatio temporal video warping (2005)| | Read more
method and system for performing computer graphic simulation of a fluid using target driven control (2005)| | Read more
system and method for compressing the dynamic range of an image (2003)| | Read more
jakob gonczarowski, Daniel Lischinski
improved techniques for ray tracing parametric surfaces (1990)| The Visual Computer| Read more

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