Researcher interests: Developmental biology. Hair follicle development. Runx family genes and and their evolution. Spider silk fiber formation. The sea-anemone Nematostella as a new model system for evolutionary development.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
Contact Business Development: Keren-Or Amar
All projects by researcher: Seevix Material Sciences

Selected Publications

Uri Gat, meni shimel, shmulik ittah
composicoes e metodos para fabricar seda sintetica de fio de teia de aranha (2018)| | Read more
Uri Gat, karin levy, michael bazarsky, tal nir
the novel cthrc gene family in the development and regeneration of the sea anemone nematostella vectensis (2017)| Mechanisms of Development| Read more
amos a schaffer, Uri Gat, karine levy, michael bazarsky, vered chalifacaspi
a transcriptional time course analysis of oral vs aboral whole body regeneration in the sea anemone nematostella vectensis (2016)| BMC Genomics| Read more
albrecht bindereif, benjamin meilik, d vodo, dana fuchstelem, daniel aberdam, eli sprecher, emily warshauer, eyal winkler, Uri Gat, gil nardini, isabelle petit, janna nousbeck, liat samuelov, luba farberov, metsada pasmanikchor, moien kanaan, noam shomron, ofer sarig, ralf paus
rbm28 a protein deficient in ane syndrome regulates hair follicle growth via mir 203 and p63 (2015)| Experimental Dermatology| Read more
alicia golden, amjad farooq, christian j gaffney, david j carey, Dror Hilman, Uri Gat, gerard tromp, johji inazawa, marius sudol, tomoki muramatsu, Tsutomu Oka, Virginia Mazack
identification basic characterization and evolutionary analysis of differentially spliced mrna isoforms of human yap1 gene (2012)| Gene| Read more
Dror Hilman, Uri Gat
the evolutionary history of yap and the hippo yap pathway (2011)| Molecular Biology and Evolution| Read more
Uri Gat, noaa barak, shmulik ittah
synthetic dragline spider silk like proteins (2011)| | Read more
Uri Gat, noaa barak, shmulik ittah
a proposed model for dragline spider silk self assembly insights from the effect of the repetitive domain size on fiber properties (2010)| Biopolymers| Read more
Eli Raveh, Uri Gat, Kori Ortt, Satrajit Sinha
a chromatin immunoprecipitation screen in mouse keratinocytes reveals runx1 as a direct transcriptional target of δnp63 (2008)| Journal of Cellular Biochemistry| Read more
Uri Gat, michal gilon, Noa Sher, shulamit cohen
transcriptional activation of a subset of hair keratin genes by the nf κb effector p65 rela (2008)| Differentiation| Read more

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Seevix Material Sciences

Seevix Material Sciences is a privately held biotech company producing high strength spidersilk fibers, identical to natural fibers: six times stronger than high tensile steel but only one-fifth the weight. Through recombinant DNA technologies,...


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