Researcher interests: Imaging drug transporters activity at the blood-brain barrier. Localization of diseased brain tissue. Imaging the impact of drugs and disease of the activity of placental transporters. Imaging barriers to drug distribution into malignant tumors.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

molecular imaging of membrane drug efflux transporters activity in cancer (2020)| | Read more
Sara Eyal, hartmut derendorf
medications in space in search of a pharmacologist s guide to the galaxy (2019)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
erez berman, Sara Eyal
drug interactions in space a cause for concern (2019)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
aniv mann, boris polyak, Dana Ekstein, Emma Portnoy, Sara Eyal, hadas han, miriam shmuel, mony benifla
monocytes as carriers of magnetic nanoparticles for tracking inflammation in the epileptic rat brain (2019)| Current Drug Delivery| Read more
debra wohl, Sara Eyal, iris eisenberg, miriam shmuel, nino tetro, s yagel, tal imbar
the effects of valproic acid on early pregnancy human placentas pilot ex vivo analysis in cultured placental villi (2019)| Epilepsia| Read more
Avital Granit, Sara Eyal, miri shmuel, nino tetro, tamar peretz
lacosamide at therapeutic concentrations induces histone hyperacetylation in vitro (2018)| Epilepsia Open| Read more
chaim brautbar, Sara Eyal, mohammed aboukaoud, shoshana israel
genetic basis of delayed hypersensitivity reactions to drugs in jewish and arab populations (2018)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
Sara Eyal, jacob bar, michal kovo, miriam rubinchikstern, miriam shmuel
adverse placental effects of valproic acid studies in perfused human placentas (2018)| Epilepsia| Read more
aniv mann, dana blatch, Dana Ekstein, dorrit inbar, Emma Portnoy, Sara Eyal, hadas han, miriam shmuel, tamir benhur
folate homeostasis in epileptic rats (2018)| Epilepsy Research| Read more
Sara Eyal, miriam rubinchikstern, nino tetro, sonia moushaev
the placental barrier the gate and the fate in drug distribution (2018)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
abed nasereddin, amir reza bagheri, andreas greiner, Ron Dzikowski, Sara Eyal, Jacob Golenser, jintao guo, natalia vakruk, nicholas h hunt, viola buchholz
controlled release of artemisone for the treatment of experimental cerebral malaria (2017)| Parasites & Vectors| Read more
ameer bishara, Emma Portnoy, Sara Eyal, Jacob Golenser, Shlomo Magdassi, miriam shmuel, natalia vakruk
indocyanine green liposomes for diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of cerebral malaria (2016)| Theranostics| Read more

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