Researcher interests: DNA methylation. Replication timing
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Alon Goren, amalia tabib, Howard (Chaim) Cedar, Howard Cedar, ilana keshet, joshua moss, Ofra Sabag, razi greenfield
role of transcription complexes in the formation of the basal methylation pattern in early development (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
Howard (Chaim) Cedar, Howard Cedar
dna methylation bridging the gap between genes and function (2017)| European Neuropsychopharmacology| Read more
aharon razin, Howard (Chaim) Cedar, Howard Cedar
annotating the genome by dna methylation (2017)| The International Journal of Developmental Biology| Read more
Howard (Chaim) Cedar, genevieve almouzni, Howard Cedar
maintenance of epigenetic information (2016)| Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology| Read more
Howard (Chaim) Cedar, Daniel Goldenberg, devorah olam, eithan galun, elena tasika, evgeniy stoyanov, g sass, gisa tiegs, guy ludwig, Howard Cedar, james j kohler, lina mizrahi, paula m vertino, raymond f schinazi, temima schnitzerperlman, ting nie, yong jiang
chronic liver inflammation modifies dna methylation at the precancerous stage of murine hepatocarcinogenesis (2015)| Oncotarget| Read more
Howard (Chaim) Cedar, Deborah Nejman, Douglas Roberts, Howard Cedar, Israel Steinfeld, michael ruvolo, Ravid Straussman, Zohar Yakhini
molecular rules governing de novo methylation in cancer (2014)| Cancer Research| Read more
amalia tabib, ayelet zamir, Howard (Chaim) Cedar, guy ludwig, Howard Cedar, ilana keshet, joshua moss, Merav Hecht, Ofra Sabag
establishment of methylation patterns in es cells (2014)| Nature Structural & Molecular Biology| Read more
Howard (Chaim) Cedar, Daniel Goldenberg, devorah olam, eithan galun, evgeniy stoyanov, guy ludwig, Howard Cedar, lina mizrahi, t schnitzer perlman
1087 therapeutic effect of s adenosylmethionine on liver tumor development in murine inflammation mediated model is associated with increased expression of tumor suppressor genes and cell cycle arrest (2013)| Journal of Hepatology| Read more

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