Researcher interests: Veterinary and comparative ophthalmology; physiology and electrophysiology of the retina and visual cortex; glaucoma; neuroprotection. Maturation and aging of retinal function. Control of intraocular pressure (IOP). Comparative tear production and dry eye
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Selected Publications

havi sarfaty, nili kahane, Ron Ofri, shira a slav, yael shilobenjamini, yishai kushnir
analgesic effects of intraorbital insertion of an absorbable gelatin hemostatic sponge soaked with 1 ropivacaine solution following enucleation in dogs (2019)| Javma-journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association| Read more
liron oron, Ron Ofri, oren peer
prognostic indicators and outcome in dogs undergoing temporary tarsorrhaphy following traumatic proptosis (2019)| Veterinary Ophthalmology| Read more
bjorn ekesten, Ron Ofri
baseline retinal oct measurements in normal female beagles the effects of eccentricity meridian and age on retinal layer thickness (2019)| Veterinary Ophthalmology| Read more
ellison bentley, megan koester, nadav yair, Ron Ofri, tali bdolahabram
factors affecting publication in peer reviewed journals of abstracts presented from 2008 to 2012 acvo meetings (2019)| Veterinary Ophthalmology| Read more
alexey obolensky, anna boykova, eyal banin, maya ross, Ron Ofri, shai sandalon
contrary to popular belief chinchillas do not have a pure rod retina (2019)| Veterinary Ophthalmology| Read more
alexander rosov, alexey obolensky, e gootwine, edward averbukh, eyal banin, hen honig, maya ross, Ron Ofri, raaya ezraelia
consecutive unilateral recording of the two eyes affects dark adapted erg responses when compared to simultaneous bilateral recording (2018)| Documenta Ophthalmologica| Read more
alexey obolensky, ayala ejzenberg, dvir mintz, eyal banin, maya ross, Ron Ofri, raaya ezraelia
can an in vivo imaging system be used to determine localization and biodistribution of aav5 mediated gene expression following subretinal and intravitreal delivery in mice (2018)| Experimental Eye Research| Read more
asaf berkowitz, maya ross, nili avnimagen, Ron Ofri, raaya ezraelia
the retina of the collared peccary pecari tajacu structure and function (2018)| Veterinary Ophthalmology| Read more
allison hoffman, kimberly hsu, marie pappania, maya ross, Ron Ofri, steve sisler
electroretinography is a prognostic indicator for postoperative vision in dogs undergoing retinal reattachment surgery (2018)| Veterinary Ophthalmology| Read more
dov weinberger, Ron Ofri, shai sandalon, tami livnat, tilda barliya
transcleral approach for closing retinal tears using duraseal hydrogel sealant (2018)| Indian Journal of Ophthalmology| Read more

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