Researcher interests: Biochemistry, physiology and biophysics of red blood cell and malarial parasite membranes. Biochemistry and physiology of energy and oxidative metabolism of malarial parasites. Mode of antimalarial action of quinoline containing drugs and the molecular basis of drug resistance. Development of new antimalarial drugs. Mathematical modeling of the chemotherapy of malaria.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

the biochemistry of plasmodium falciparum (2016)| | Read more
alyaa m abdelhaleem, Hagai Ginsburg
malaria parasite metabolic pathways mpmp upgraded with targeted chemical compounds (2016)| Trends in Parasitology| Read more
eric deharo, Hagai Ginsburg
analysis of additivity and synergism in the anti plasmodial effect of purified compounds from plant extracts (2011)| Malaria Journal| Read more
eric deharo, Hagai Ginsburg
a call for using natural compounds in the development of new antimalarial treatments an introduction (2011)| Malaria Journal| Read more
amram mor, fadia zaknoon, Hagai Ginsburg, henri vial, miriam krugliak, ohad meir, shahar rotem, sharon wein
antiplasmodial properties of acyl lysyl oligomers in culture and animal models of malaria (2011)| Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy| Read more
Hagai Ginsburg, leann tilley
plasmodium falciparum metabolic pathways mpmp project upgraded with a database of subcellular locations of gene products (2011)| Trends in Parasitology| Read more
refreshed approaches to the therapy of malaria the case of natural medicine (2010)| Malaria Journal| Read more
Hagai Ginsburg, Jacob Golenser, james a mcquillan, judith h wakninegrinberg, nicholas h hunt
modulation of cerebral malaria by fasudil and other immune modifying compounds (2010)| Experimental Parasitology| Read more

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