Researcher interests: Ecology of nature conservation. Global change ecology. Biodiversity and its role in ecosystem services. Ecology and environmental policy. Ecology of desertification.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

akhtarschuster, anna luise, barron joseph orr, harifidy rakoto ratsimba, pamela chasek, Uriel Safriel
land degradation neutrality the science policy interface from the unccd to national implementation (2019)| Environmental Science & Policy| Read more
akhtarschuster, alexander erlewein, graciela metternicht, lindsay stringer, Uriel Safriel, sara minelli, stefan sommer
unpacking the concept of land degradation neutrality and addressing its operation through the rio conventions (2017)| Journal of Environmental Management| Read more
david pargament, gad schaffer, hila achisar, israel tauber, keren klass, Noam Levin, Yael Mandelik, michelle portman, nir orion, noa steiner, orna reismanberman, ronit justohanani, Uriel Safriel, Salit Kark, TAMAR DAYAN, uri shanas, william sutherland, yael gavrieli
priority questions and horizon scanning for conservation a comparative study (2016)| PLOS ONE| Read more
pamela chasek, Uriel Safriel, sem shikongo, vivian futran fuhrman
operationalizing zero net land degradation the next stage in international efforts to combat desertification (2015)| Journal of Arid Environments| Read more
the lessepsian invasion a case study revisited (2013)| Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution| Read more
on the intertidal zonation of the rocky shores at eilat red sea israel (2013)| Israel Journal of Zoology| Read more
the evolution of palearctic migration the case for southern ancestry (2013)| Israel Journal of Zoology| Read more
Uriel Safriel, Tamar Keasar, yehoshua shkedy
life history of balanus amphitrite and chthamalus stellatus recruited to settlement panels in the mediterranean coast of israel (2013)| Israel Journal of Zoology| Read more
hadoram shirihai, Ran Nathan, Uriel Safriel
extinction and vulnerability to extinction at distribution peripheries an analysis of the israeli breeding avifauna (2013)| Israel Journal of Zoology| Read more

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