Selected Publications

adi faigenboim, edna fogelman, idit ginzberg, Oded Shoseyov , vijaya k r vulavala
the transcriptome of potato tuber phellogen reveals cellular functions of cork cambium and genes involved in periderm formation and maturation (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
donna orbaum, doron kam, Shlomo Magdassi, Michael Layani, sheer barkaiminerbi, shir abrahami benharush, Oded Shoseyov
additive manufacturing of 3d structures composed of wood materials (2019)| Advanced materials and technologies| Read more
aneta liszka, isabel pintelon, mariejose tassignon, may griffith, michel haagdorens, monika kozak ljunggren, nadav orr, per fagerholm, ramunas valiokas, Oded Shoseyov , sofie thys, tsvika shtein, vytautas cepla, yehiel tal
recombinant human collagen type i hydrogels as superior cell carriers for corneal epithelial stem cells and corneal transplantation (2019)| Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science| Read more
diana gaspar, dimitrios i zeugolis, kieran fuller, l delgado, Oded Shoseyov
in vitro and preclinical characterisation of compressed macro porous and collagen coated poly e caprolactone electro spun scaffolds (2019)| Biomedical Materials| Read more
chen nowogrodski, doron kam, ido braslavsky, Shlomo Magdassi, michael chasnitsky, Oded Shoseyov , tiffany abitbol
direct cryo writing of aerogels via 3d printing of aligned cellulose nanocrystals inspired by the plant cell wall (2019)| Colloids and Interfaces| Read more
Clarite Azerraf, david leibler, shaul lapidot, Oded Shoseyov , tal ben shalom, yuval nevo, zvi shtein
cellulose nanocrystals cncs induced crystallization of polyvinyl alcohol pva super performing nanocomposite films (2019)| Macromolecular Bioscience| Read more
brady f cress, georges belfort, jonathan s dordick, mirco sorci, paiyz e mikael, ranodhi w udangawa, robert j linhardt, Oded Shoseyov , zvi shtein
production and characterization of recombinant collagen binding resilin nanocomposite for regenerative medicine applications (2019)| Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine| Read more
dana morantes, doron kam, efren munoz, Oded Shoseyov
highly charged cellulose nanocrystals applied as a water treatment flocculant (2019)| Nanomaterials| Read more
doron kam, sapir vinkler, Oded Shoseyov , tal ben shalom, yehudit posen, zvi shtein
nanocellulose composite biomaterials in industry and medicine (2019)| | Read more
derek g gray, doron kam, Oded Shoseyov , tiffany abitbol, yael levikalisman
surface charge influence on the phase separation and viscosity of cellulose nanocrystals (2018)| Langmuir| Read more

Success Stories & related Product & PR

Printer, can you please make me a low-fat burger with fries?

Researchers at the Yissum Research Development Company, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said they have created a 3D printing technology that will be able to produce nutritious meals, for use in homes,...



The world's first accurate, affordable and easy-to-use device, for the non-destructive detection, analysis and automated sorting of individual medical cannabis flowers. The Company's proprietary technology combines Near Infra-Red (NIR)...



CollPlant is developing a production system in transgenic tobacco to manufacture human recombinant collagen I with improved thermal stability.


Futuragene (Formerly CBD TECHNOLOGIES LTD.)

In a world challenged by growing population, diminishing resources and climate change, FuturaGene’s technologies address critical challenges of plant yield enhancement and yield protection. Futuragene harness biotechnology to ensure the security...



MELODEA brings new horizon for the forest, agricultural and paper industries and enables the core composite industry to reach its markets with fully green cores to be used in sandwich structures.



Paulee Cleantec has developed the first device in the world which removes and does away with dog waste in real time at the location where it occurred; all this without human contact or environmental pollution.


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