Researcher interests: Urban geography. Tourism, culture and urban development; urban tourism management. Advanced tracking technologies and their applications to research.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

Noam Shoval, yair grinberger
spatiotemporal contingencies in tourists intradiurnal mobility patterns (2019)| Journal of Travel Research| Read more
alon gelbman, kobi cohenhattab, Noam Shoval
from ideological space to recreational tourism the israeli forest (2018)| Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change| Read more
sensing tourists geoinformatics and the future of tourism geography research (2018)| Tourism Geographies| Read more
amit birenboim, Noam Shoval
customization and augmentation of experiences through mobile technologies a paradigm shift in the analysis of destination competitiveness (2018)| Tourism Economics| Read more
cantis, mauro ferrante, Noam Shoval
a general framework for collecting and analysing the tracking data of cruise passengers at the destination (2018)| Current Issues in Tourism| Read more
urban planning and tourism in european cities (2018)| Tourism Geographies| Read more
Noam Shoval, Maya Tamir, yonatan schvimer
tracking technologies and urban analysis adding the emotional dimension (2018)| Cities| Read more
Noam Shoval, Maya Tamir, yonatan schvimer
real time measurement of tourists objective and subjective emotions in time and space (2018)| Journal of Travel Research| Read more
frank oswald, gail auslander, hanswerner wahl, Michal Isaacson, Noam Shoval
the relationship between spatial activity and wellbeing related data among healthy older adults an exploratory geographic and psychological analysis (2017)| | Read more
bob mckercher, Noam Shoval
implementation of tracking technologies for temporal and spatial management of cultural destinations hong kong as an example (2017)| | Read more

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