Researcher interests: Many-body Brownian dynamics simulations. Reversible diffusion-influenced reactions. Ligand binding to heme proteins. Excited-state proton transfer. Proton mobility. Water structure and dynamics. Proton-wires in proteins. Prehistory of Semitic languages.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Noam Agmon, nagaprasad reddy samala
thermally induced hydrogen bond rearrangements in small water clusters and the persistent water tetramer (2019)| ACS Omega| Read more
Noam Agmon, nagaprasad reddy samala
temperature dependence of intramolecular vibrational bands in small water clusters (2019)| Journal of Physical Chemistry B| Read more
Noam Agmon, jean jules fifen
ionic radii of hydrated sodium cation from qtaim (2019)| Journal of Chemical Physics| Read more
Noam Agmon, nagaprasad reddy samala
the protonated water trimer and its giant fermi resonances (2018)| Chemical Physics| Read more
Noam Agmon, nagaprasad reddy samala
structure spectroscopy and dynamics of the phenol water 2 cluster at low and high temperatures (2017)| Journal of Chemical Physics| Read more
Noam Agmon, chao zhang, denis g knyazev, ewald weichselbaum, gunther knor, maria osterbauer, oleg v batishchev, paolo carloni, peter pohl, sergey a akimov, trung hai nguyen
origin of proton affinity to membrane water interfaces (2017)| Scientific Reports| Read more
isoelectronic theory for cationic radii (2017)| Journal of the American Chemical Society| Read more
Noam Agmon, ran friedman
charge transfer in proteins in celebration of hemi gutman s 80 th birthday (2017)| Israel Journal of Chemistry| Read more
Noam Agmon, huan wang
reinvestigation of the infrared spectrum of the gas phase protonated water tetramer (2017)| Journal of Physical Chemistry A| Read more
Noam Agmon, ai shinobu
proton wire dynamics in the green fluorescent protein (2017)| Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation| Read more

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