Researcher interests: Structure-function relationships of thylakoid membrane proteins functioning in light energy harvesting and electron transfer. Biogenesis and assembly of Fe-S proteins involved in essential processes in plant chloroplast and mitochondria.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Colin H. Lipper, John A. Zuris, Lily Agranat, Rachel Nechushtai, Sagi Tamir
Nutrient-Deprivation Autophagy Factor-1 (NAF-1): Biochemical Properties of a Novel Cellular Target for Anti-Diabetic Drugs (2013)| plos one| Read more
Dorit Michaeli, Rachel Nechushtai, Omer Yehezkeli, Ran Tel‐Vered
Photosystem I (PSI)/Photosystem II (PSII)‐Based Photo‐Bioelectrochemical Cells Revealing Directional Generation of Photocurrents (2013)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Mark L. Paddock, Rachel Nechushtai, Sandra E. Wiley
The Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Protein mitoNEET Contains a Novel Redox-active 2Fe-2S Cluster (2007)| JBC| Read more

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