Researcher interests: The cellular response to environmental stress and transcriptional activity that lead to proliferation and transformation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

amit blumberg, anshul kundaje, badi sri sailaja, dan mishmar, liron levin, Eran Meshorer, sara dadon, Eitan Shaulian, shimrit shmorak
transcription factors bind negatively selected sites within human mtdna genes (2014)| Genome Biology and Evolution| Read more
Eitan Shaulian, Shira Anzi
molecular oncology jun proteins and ap 1 in tumorigenesis (2013)| | Read more
chen guttman, Chen Nadler, gal yerushalmi, Kobi Baruch, lihi gurarie, Orli Yogev, raz zarivach, Ilan Rosenshine, Eitan Shaulian, simi koby, yinon benneriah
metalloprotease type iii effectors that specifically cleave jnk and nf κb (2011)| The EMBO Journal| Read more
francesco galli, girolama mantia, luisa guerrini, marco simone, mariangela rossi, osnat alsheichbartok, Eitan Shaulian, Shira Anzi, teresa lopardo, viola calabro, ygal haupt, yuri dalessandra
mdm2 and fbw7 cooperate to induce p63 protein degradation following dna damage and cell differentiation (2010)| Journal of Cell Science| Read more
ap 1 the jun proteins oncogenes or tumor suppressors in disguise (2010)| Cellular Signalling| Read more
Orli Yogev, Eitan Shaulian
jun proteins inhibit autophagy and induce cell death (2010)| Autophagy| Read more
goldberg, Orli Yogev, Eitan Shaulian, Shira Anzi
jun proteins are starvation regulated inhibitors of autophagy (2010)| Cancer Research| Read more
Esti Singer, Michal Goldberg, Ohad Yogev, Orli Yogev, Ophry Pines, Eitan Shaulian, thomas fox
fumarase a mitochondrial metabolic enzyme and a cytosolic nuclear component of the dna damage response (2010)| PLOS Biology| Read more
anzi, finkin, moshe oren, Eitan Shaulian, yael aylon
fbw7 regulates the activity of endoreduplication mediators and the p53 pathway to prevent drug induced polyploidy (2008)| Oncogene| Read more

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