Researcher interests: Protein design: protein-protein interactions; developing methods for the design of protein binding interfaces.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

Menachem Fromer, Julia Shifman
Tradeoff Between Stability and Multispecificity in the Design of Promiscuous Proteins (2009)| plos computational biology | Read more
Eliyahu Yosef, Mee H.Choi, Regina Politi, Julia Shifman
Computational Design of Calmodulin Mutants with up to 900-Fold Increase in Binding Specificity (2009)| ScienceDirect| Read more
Chen Yanover, Menachem Fromer, Julia Shifman
Deadā€end elimination for multistate protein design (2007)| Wiley Online Library | Read more

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VP, Business Development, Healthcare
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