Researcher interests: Using the development of Drosophila wing imaginal disc as a model system for studying how developmental patterning events direct the formation of individual organs.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

amatzia dreifuss, ariella weinbergshukron, avital benmoshe, David Zangen, ephrat levylahad, Offer Gerlitz, Michal Goldberg, mariana rachmiel, maryclaire king, orit lobel, paul renbaum, Rachel Kalifa, reeval segel, Sharon Zeligson, suleyman gulsuner, tikva shore, tom walsh
essential role of brca2 in ovarian development and function (2018)| The New England Journal of Medicine| Read more
Offer Gerlitz, girish deshpande, justinn barr, lyubov lebedeva, paul schedl, yulii shidlovskii
cells on the move modulation of guidance cues during germ cell migration (2017)| Fly| Read more
diane manry, Offer Gerlitz, girish deshpande, henny mozes, nicholas jourjine, paul schedl, tzofia bialistoky, vladic mogila
role of the abc transporter mdr49 in hedgehog signaling and germ cell migration (2016)| Development| Read more
abraham samson, amal aburayyan, amatzia dreifuss, ariella weinbergshukron, David Zangen, dina rekler, ephrat levylahad, Offer Gerlitz, moien kanaan, nilly fardian, noa maatuk, paul renbaum, Rachel Kalifa, Sharon Zeligson, ziva benneriah
a mutation in the nucleoporin 107 gene causes xx gonadal dysgenesis (2015)| Journal of Clinical Investigation| Read more
Offer Gerlitz, girish deshpande, Oren Ziv, rutie finkelstein, Tama Dinur, Yaron Suissa
inverse regulation of target genes at the brink of the bmp morphogen activity gradient (2012)| Journal of Cell Science| Read more
christa rhiner, eduardo moreno, fidel lolo, Offer Gerlitz, hadar neuman, marta portela, Oren Ziv, peter geuking, Tama Dinur, Yaron Suissa
the co regulator dnab interacts with brinker to eliminate cells with reduced dpp signaling (2009)| Development| Read more
begona diaz, christa rhiner, eduardo moreno, Offer Gerlitz, irene fernandezruiz, jesus lopezgay, juan poyatos, marta portela
persistent competition among stem cells and their daughters in the drosophila ovary germline niche (2009)| Development| Read more
eduardo moreno, erwin wagner, Offer Gerlitz
when flies and mice develop cancer meeting on development and cancer (2008)| EMBO Reports| Read more
anat kazaz, Michael Berger, eli moallem, Offer Gerlitz, moshe oren, Ronit Vogt Sionov, ygal haupt, yinon benneriah
c abl neutralizes the inhibitory effect of mdm2 on p53 ()| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more

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