Researcher interests: Irrigation uniformity and its effect on crop yield. Irrigation and fertigation management of soil-less culture. Irrigation automatic control - parameters identification and measurement. Transport of chemicals in structured soils: preferential flow and fingering. The pollution of water bodies (reservoirs, lakes) by soil applied chemicals which are transferred to irrigation or rainfall induced surface runoff. Lateral flow within the unsaturated soil and its role in surface runoff generation.
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Selected Publications

felix a ogunmokun, Rony Wallach, zhipeng liu
the influence of surfactant application method on the effectiveness of water repellent soil remediation (2020)| Geoderma| Read more
ahan dalal, itamar shenhar, Menachem Moshelion, nadav haish, ronny bourstein, Rony Wallach
dynamic physiological phenotyping of drought stressed pepper plants treated with productivity enhancing and survivability enhancing biostimulants (2019)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
matan rahav, naaran brindt, Rony Wallach
ert and salinity a method to determine whether ert detected preferential pathways in brackish water irrigated soils are water induced or an artifact of salinity (2019)| Journal of Hydrology| Read more
ahan dalal, itamar shenhar, Menachem Moshelion, nadav haish, ronny bourstein, Rony Wallach
a high throughput physiological functional phenotyping system for time and cost effective screening of potential biostimulants (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
frederic leuther, hansjorg vogel, steffen schluter, Rony Wallach
structure and hydraulic properties in soils under long term irrigation with treated wastewater (2019)| Geoderma| Read more
matan rahav, Rony Wallach, zhipeng liu
spatial variation of soil water repellency in a commercial orchard irrigated with treated wastewater (2019)| Geoderma| Read more
ahan dalal, alex evenko, eyal fridman, eyal galkin, Iddo Kan, Menachem Moshelion, Rony Wallach
risk management strategies and transpiration rates of wild barley in uncertain environments (2018)| Physiologia Plantarum| Read more
frederic leuther, hansjorg vogel, ulrich weller, Rony Wallach
quantitative analysis of wetting front instabilities in soil caused by treated waste water irrigation (2018)| Geoderma| Read more
aaron fait, Albert Batushansky, david j bonfil, eyal galkin, lydia quansah, moses kwame aidoo, Menachem Moshelion, Rony Wallach
a combination of stomata deregulation and a distinctive modulation of amino acid metabolism are associated with enhanced tolerance of wheat varieties to transient drought (2017)| Metabolomics| Read more
naaran brindt, Rony Wallach
the moving boundary approach for modeling gravity driven stable and unstable flow in soils moving boundary model (2017)| Water Resources Research| Read more

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