Researcher interests: Diabetes. Obesity. Insulin resistance. Cardio-vascular risk factors in children. Altered glucose metabolism.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Keren-Or Amar

Selected Publications

vardit gepstein, Ram Weiss
obesity as the main risk factor for metabolic syndrome in children (2019)| Frontiers in Endocrinology| Read more
alfonso galderisi, bridget pierpont, cosimo giannini, david polidori, domenico trico, Sonia Caprio, Ram Weiss
lower insulin clearance parallels a reduced insulin sensitivity in obese youths and is associated with a decline in β cell function over time (2019)| Diabetes| Read more
alfonso galderisi, domenico trico, nicola santoro, s r cosimo giannini, Sonia Caprio, Ram Weiss
121 or insulin clearance is an independent determinant of s cell cell function in obese youths (2019)| Diabetes| Read more
ahmad haj, daniella militianu, orly eshach, rana swedtobia, sarit ravid, Ram Weiss, yonatan butbul aviel
highly selective eating in autism spectrum disorder leading to scurvy a series of three patients (2019)| Pediatric Neurology| Read more
bridget pierpont, emilia hagman, karen hershkop, mariana mata, nicola santoro, omri besor, Sonia Caprio, Ram Weiss
relation of the degree of obesity in childhood to adipose tissue insulin resistance (2019)| Acta Diabetologica| Read more
emilia hagman, henny azmanov, leif groop, limor marko, lior hecht, nicola santoro, Sonia Caprio, Ram Weiss
predictors of responses to clinic based childhood obesity care (2018)| Pediatric Diabetes| Read more
alfonso galderisi, bridget pierpont, cosimo giannini, grace kim, mary savoye, nicola santoro, Sonia Caprio, veronika shabanova, Ram Weiss
trajectories of changes in glucose tolerance in a multiethnic cohort of obese youths an observational prospective analysis (2018)| The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health| Read more
b pierpoint, c beek, emilia hagman, g zabarsky, Sonia Caprio, Ram Weiss
impact of severe obesity on cardiovascular risk factors in youth (2018)| Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology| Read more
ariela goldenshluger, ram elazary, ronit brodie, shiri sherfdagan, tair benporat, Ram Weiss, yoav mintz
bone health following bariatric surgery implications for management strategies to attenuate bone loss (2018)| Advances in Nutrition| Read more
adi auerbach, amit tirosh, belen bonella, charalampos lyssikatos, constantine a stratakis, david gillis, elena belyavskaya, hagit daum, karen meir, maya b lodish, phaedon d zavras, Ram Weiss
failure to thrive in the context of carney complex (2018)| Hormone Research in Paediatrics| Read more
ariel shochat, Amnon Buxboim, chanan vinitzky, Yaakov Nahmias, Ram Weiss, yaacov lacher
detection of peripheral arterial disease (2016)| | Read more

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