Researcher interests: Economic theory. Game theory. Political economy. Experimental economics. Organization theory.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

boaz cherki, David Mankuta, Salomon Israel, Eyal Winter
sex specific effects of intranasal oxytocin on intergroup competition (2019)| Psychoneuroendocrinology| Read more
Orly Sade, Eyal Winter, yevgeny mugerman
out of pocket vs out of investment in financial advisory fees evidence from the lab (2019)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
abigail hurwitz, Orly Sade, Eyal Winter
unintended consequences of minimum annuity laws an experimental study (2019)| | Read more
Ilan Kremer, marina halac, Eyal Winter
raising capital from heterogeneous investors (2018)| | Read more
esteban f klor, Eyal Winter
on public opinion polls and voters turnout (2018)| Journal of Public Economic Theory| Read more
individuality and entanglement by herbert gintis princeton university press 2016 (2017)| Journal of Socio-economics| Read more
ignacio garciajurado, luciano mendeznaya, Eyal Winter
mental equilibrium and strategic emotions (2017)| Management Science| Read more
uriel procaccia, Eyal Winter
corporate crime and plea bargains (2017)| Law & Ethics of Human Rights| Read more
Eyal Winter, yuval heller
rule rationality rule rationality (2016)| International Economic Review| Read more
uriel procaccia, Eyal Winter
corporate bill of rights (2016)| | Read more

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