Researcher interests: General Information Soil And Water Sciences, Robert H.smith Faculty Of Agri Office phone: 08-9489349 Email: Web: Academic BackgroundResearch Interests Soil chemistry and soil fertility, related to plant nutrition and environmental aspects. Geochemistry of phosphorus. Phosphorus stabilization in sludge materials. Redox reactions and redox-related chemical transformations in soils. Solubility and availability of soil nutrients for plants. Effects of reclaimed wastewater on soil fertility and plant nutrition.
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Selected Publications

Benny Chefetz, Myah Goldstein, Moshe Shenker, tomer malchi
pharmacokinetics in plants carbamazepine and its interactions with lamotrigine (2018)| Environmental Science & Technology| Read more
Benny Chefetz, Yona Chen, evyatar ben mordechay, jorge tarchitzky, Moshe Shenker
composted biosolids and treated wastewater as sources of pharmaceuticals and personal care products for plant uptake a case study with carbamazepine (2018)| Environmental Pollution| Read more
Saul Burdman, dafna tamirariel, naama zimermanlax, Moshe Shenker
decreased potassium fertilization is associated with increased pathogen growth and disease severity caused by acidovorax citrulli in melon foliage (2018)| Journal of General Plant Pathology| Read more
adolfo gabriel levin, Amnon Schwartz, amram eshel, anat lowengartaycicegi, david yalin, jorge tarchitzky, kfir narkis, Moshe Shenker, shmuel assouline
insights from the hidden half the impact of root zone oxygen and redox dynamics on the response of avocado to long term irrigation with treated wastewater in clayey soil (2017)| Israel Journal of Plant Sciences| Read more
l katz, m i litaor, Moshe Shenker
the influence of compost and zeolite co addition on the nutrients status and plant growth in intensively cultivated mediterranean soils (2017)| Soil Use and Management| Read more
Benny Chefetz, Myah Goldstein, Moshe Shenker
insights into the uptake and fate of pharmaceuticals in vegetable plants (2016)| ISEE Conference Abstracts| Read more
daniel berstein, hasan azaizeh, m edelstein, meni benhur, Moshe Shenker
effects of selenium on growth parameters of tomato and basil under fertigation management (2016)| Hortscience| Read more
Saul Burdman, dafna tamirariel, naama zimermanlax, rafael perltreves, Moshe Shenker
effects of nitrogen nutrition on disease development caused by acidovorax citrulli on melon foliage (2016)| European Journal of Plant Pathology| Read more
david yalin, sarit brandklibanski, Moshe Shenker
comment on formations of hydroxyapatite and inositol hexakisphosphate in poultry litter during the composting period sequential fractionation p k edge xanes and solution 31p nmr investigations (2014)| Environmental Science & Technology| Read more
Amnon Schwartz, Moshe Shenker, yishai netzer
effects of irrigation using treated wastewater on table grape vineyards dynamics of sodium accumulation in soil and plant (2014)| Irrigation Science| Read more

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