Researcher interests: Structure and reactivity of radical–ion and free radical states in chemical and biological systems. Influence of radical center on structure and chemical properties of different functional groups. Free radical catalysis of heterolytic reactions.
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Selected Publications

Itzhak Bilkis, hagay kohay, yael g mishael
effect of polycation charge density on polymer conformation at the clay surface and consequently on pharmaceutical binding (2019)| Journal of Colloid and Interface Science| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, israel silman, Lev Weiner
generation of reactive oxygen species by photosensitizers and their modes of action on proteins (2018)| Current Medicinal Chemistry| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, i a kirilyuk, irina a slepneva, justyna furso, Lev Weiner, lidiya g fedenok, magdalena olchawa, martyna elas, nikolay e polyakov, t v leshina, tadeusz sarna
redox active quinone chelators properties mechanisms of action cell delivery and cell toxicity (2018)| Antioxidants & Redox Signaling| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, Dmytro Neshchadin, Georg Gescheidt, stephen n batchelor
short lived phenoxyl radicals formed from green tea polyphenols and highly reactive oxygen species an investigation by time resolved epr spectroscopy (2014)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, Dmytro Neshchadin, Georg Gescheidt, stephen n batchelor
kurzlebige phenoxylradikale aus polyphenolen des grunen tees und hochreaktiven sauerstoffspezies detektion mittels zeitauflosender epr spektroskopie (2014)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
antonio barbon, Itzhak Bilkis, Lev Weiner, marina brustolon, mordechai sheves, tamar eliash
nitroxyl radicals for studying electron transfer (2013)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
abraham sztejnberg, Itzhak Bilkis, Zohar Kerem, uri gerson, zahi paz
argovin a novel natural product secreted by the fungus meira argovae is antagonistic to mites (2011)| Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata| Read more
a p tananakin, Itzhak Bilkis, e v panteleeva, v d shteingarts
reductive activation of arenes part 8 reaction of the product of the one electron reduction of terephthalodinitrile with potassium in liquid ammonia with primary alkyl bromides (2010)| ChemInform| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, Eilon Adar, Jiwchar Ganor, Shai Ezra, Shimon Feinstein
chemical degradation of 2 2 bis bromomethyl propan 1 3 diol dbnpg in alkaline conditions (2010)| Chemosphere| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, Georg Gescheidt, Lev Weiner, Mati Fridkin, Shai Rahimipour
towards the efficiency of pharmacologically active quinoid compounds electron transfer and formation of reactive oxygen species (2010)| Applied Magnetic Resonance| Read more
Itzhak Bilkis, Michael Naim, peter fleischmann, peter winterhalter, russell l rouseff, susanne baldermann, yair bezman
thermal oxidation of 9 cis neoxanthin in a model system containing peroxyacetic acid leads to the potent odorant β damascenone (2005)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more

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