Researcher interests: Cellular physiology of central neurons. Subthreshold oscillations, resonance frequencies and rhythm generation in mammalian central nervous systems.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

ben torbennielsen, chris zeeuw, erik schutter, jesse hoogendorp, mario negrello, marylka uusisaari, medvedev, nora vrieler, sebastian loyola, tycho hoogland, Yosef Yarom, yasmin yardenrabinowitz
variability and directionality of inferior olive neuron dendrites revealed by detailed 3d characterization of an extensive morphological library (2019)| Brain Structure & Function| Read more
ben title, bjorg gudmundsdottir, guojen huang, jonathan keller, kristbjorn orri gudmundsson, maayan tal, nitzan tal, reut suliman, Sagiv Shifman, yahel cohen, Yosef Yarom
pogz deficiency leads to abnormal behavior transcription dysregulation and impaired cerebellar physiology (2018)| bioRxiv| Read more
oren amsalem, Idan Segev, yaara, Yosef Yarom
using subthreshold events to characterize the functional architecture of electrically coupled networks (2018)| bioRxiv| Read more
asaph zylbertal, shlomo wagner, Yosef Yarom
the slow dynamics of intracellular sodium concentration increase the time window of neuronal integration a simulation study (2017)| Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience| Read more
Yosef Yarom, yasmin yardenrabinowitz
in vivo analysis of synaptic activity in cerebellar nuclei neurons unravels the efficacy of excitatory inputs (2017)| The Journal of Physiology| Read more
asaph zylbertal, shlomo wagner, Yosef Yarom
synchronous infra slow bursting in the mouse accessory olfactory bulb emerge from interplay between intrinsic neuronal dynamics and network connectivity (2017)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
eyal wigderson, Israel Nelken, Yosef Yarom
early multisensory integration of self and source motion in the auditory system (2016)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
anat kahan, asaph zylbertal, shlomo wagner, Yosef Yarom, yoram benshaul
prolonged intracellular na dynamics govern electrical activity in accessory olfactory bulb mitral cells (2015)| PLOS Biology| Read more
clement lena, katarzyna pietrajtis, lea ankri, marylka uusisaari, remi proville, stephane dieudonne, Yosef Yarom, zoe husson
a novel inhibitory nucleo cortical circuit controls cerebellar golgi cell activity (2015)| eLife| Read more

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