Researcher interests: Mammalian cell cycle control; ubiquitin mediated cell cycle specific proteolysis. The role of mitotic cyclins. Gene targeting in tissue culture cells.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Agnes Klochendler, Avital Swisa, Michael Brandeis, Maya Moran, Nathalie Pochet, Noa Weinberg-Corem
A Transgenic Mouse Marking Live Replicating Cells Reveals In Vivo Transcriptional Program of Proliferation (2012)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Benedikt Brors, Michael Brandeis, Brian D. Dynlacht, Itamar Simon, Roland Eils, Yong Lu, Zahava Siegfried, Ziv Bar-Joseph
Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of the human cell cycle identifies genes differentially regulated in normal and cancer cells (2008)| PNAS| Read more
Michael Brandeis, Carmit Strauss, Gideon Coster, Liron Argaman, Zvi Hayouka
The DNA Damage Response Mediator MDC1 Directly Interacts with the Anaphase-promoting Complex/Cyclosome (2007)| JBC| Read more

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