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Researcher interests: Survival analysis. Longitudinal data analysis. Biased sampling. Biostatistics. Forensic statistics
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Statistics
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Selected Publications

jacobo unaalvarez, Micha Mandel
nonparametric estimation of transition probabilities for a general progressive multi state model under cross sectional sampling (2018)| Biometrics| Read more
the scaled uniform model revisited (2018)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.07319| Read more
Micha Mandel, osnat israelsohn azulay, tsadok tsach, yaron cohen, yigal zidon
classification improvements in automated gunshot residue gsr scans (2018)| Journal of Forensic Sciences| Read more
francisco alvarezlerma, Micha Mandel, martin schumacher, martin wolkewitz, mercedes palomarmartinez, pedro olaecheaastigarraga
methodological challenges in using point prevalence versus cohort data in risk factor analyses of nosocomial infections (2018)| Annals of Epidemiology| Read more
david simon, jacobo unaalvarez, Micha Mandel, rebecca betensky
inverse probability weighted cox regression for doubly truncated data (2018)| Biometrics| Read more
Micha Mandel, martin wolkewitz, sam doerken, walter zingg
use of prevalence data to study sepsis incidence and mortality in intensive care units (2018)| Lancet Infectious Diseases| Read more
clifford spiegelman, Micha Mandel, naomi kaplan damary, sarena wiesner, yaron shor, yoram yekutieli
dependence among randomly acquired characteristics on shoeprints and their features (2018)| Forensic Science International| Read more
bella vakulenkolagun, Micha Mandel, yair goldberg
nonparametric estimation in the illness death model using prevalent data (2017)| Lifetime Data Analysis| Read more
elad izraeli, Micha Mandel, nadav levin, naomi kaplandamary
statistical aspects of likelihood ratio lr calculation in gunshot residue gsr analysis (2016)| Microscopy and Microanalysis| Read more
avraham ben chetrit, daniel nevo, eliana einmor, etty danielspiegel, Micha Mandel, shen, yagel
a comparison of methods for construction of fetal reference charts ()| Statistics in Medicine| Read more

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