Justice Haim Cohn Professor of Human Rights
Researcher interests: Constitutional law; administrative law; law and economics.
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Selected Publications

deontological morality and economic analysis of law (2017)| | Read more
domestic human rights adjudication in the shadow of international law the status of human rights conventions in israel (2017)| Israel Law Review| Read more
the unintended consequences of prohibiting advocacy of hatred and regulating campaign finance the weakening status of freedom of speech in israel (2017)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
public trust judicial independence and the choice between rules and standards in human rights adjudication (2017)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
who benefits from the uniformity of contingent fee rates (2014)| Review of Law & Economics| Read more
strategic considerations behind normative explanations lessons from israel s supreme court expropriations case a reply to haim sandberg (2013)| Icon-international Journal of Constitutional Law| Read more
foundational originalism on jack balkin s living originalism (2013)| Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies| Read more
Barak Medina, shlomo naeh, Uzi Segal
ranking ranking rules (2013)| Review of Law & Economics| Read more
the role of the legislature in determining legitimate responses to security threats the case of israel (2012)| | Read more
the puzzling uniformity of lawyers contingent fee rates an assortative matching solution (2012)| | Read more

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