Researcher interests: Biomolecular self-assembly: design of self-assembled peptides; design of composite materials. Molecular recognition: how proteins interact with inorganic surfaces. Development of antifouling materials.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

abhijit saha, Meital Reches
multiplex optical detection and quantification of dna fragments by metallo peptide assemblies (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
abhijit saha, amir ziv, hen alpern, l t baczewski, nir sukenik, Meital Reches, Shira Yochelis, yossi paltiel
afm based spin exchange microscopy using chiral molecules (2019)| Advanced Materials| Read more
alon friedlander, moshe shemesh, Meital Reches, Sivan Nir
preventing biofilm formation by dairy associated bacteria using peptide coated surfaces (2019)| Frontiers in Microbiology| Read more
avia leader, edit y tshuva, lijie he, Daniel Mandler, maya miller, naomi melamedbook, ori geuli, Meital Reches
electrochemical triggered dissolution of hydroxyapatite doxorubicin nanocarriers (2019)| ACS Applied Bio Materials| Read more
alexandre antonio antunes barros, Annette Moter, emilio meaurio, filipe mergulhao, fusun can, helena bujdakova, isabel a c ribeiro, jelmer sjollema, judith kikhney, luisa jordao, madeleine ramstedt, martijn riool, martin alm, mette burmolle, peter thomsen, Meital Reches, rui l reis, sebastian a j zaat, todorka vladkova
evaluating efficacy of antimicrobial and antifouling materials for urinary tract medical devices challenges and recommendations (2019)| Macromolecular Bioscience| Read more
ehud gazit, guanghong wei, jiangtao lei, lee schnaider, priyadarshi chakraborty, Meital Reches, Sivan Nir, tom guterman, vasantha basavalingappa, yiming tang
expanding the functional scope of the fmoc diphenylalanine hydrogelator by introducing a rigidifying and chemically active urea backbone modification (2019)| Advanced Science| Read more
eilon sherman, Meital Reches, yair neveoz, Yair Razvag
nanoscale topography rigidity correlation at the surface of t cells (2019)| ACS Nano| Read more
chunhao luo, hailemichael ayalew, hsiaohua yu, moyuan shen, Meital Reches, Roy Shenhar, Sivan Yuran, yaron aviv, yuhan tsai
electrically responsive nanopatterned surfaces for triggered delivery of biologically active molecules into cells (2019)| ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces| Read more
carlos aleman, david zanuy, deborah e shalev, omer agazani, Meital Reches, Sivan Nir, Tal Zada
tailoring the self assembly of a tripeptide for the formation of antimicrobial surfaces (2019)| Nanoscale| Read more
Meital Reches, tal duanisassaf, Yair Razvag
forsdat an automated platform for analyzing force spectroscopy measurements (2019)| Analytical Methods| Read more
danielle duanisassaf, guanghong zeng, moshe shemesh, Meital Reches, rikke louise meyer, Doron Steinberg, tal duanisassaf
cell wall associated protein tasa provides an initial binding component to extracellular polysaccharides in dual species biofilm (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Ehud Cohen, ieshita pan, priyadip das, Meital Reches
self assembly of a metallo peptide into a drug delivery system using a switch on displacement strategy (2018)| Journal of Materials Chemistry B| Read more
lior asor, meirav oded, Meital Reches, Roy Shenhar, Sivan Nir
nano patterned polyelectrolyte multilayers assembled using block copolymer templates the combined effect of ionic strength and nano confinement (2017)| Polymer| Read more

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