Researcher interests: Correlation between structure, composition, and mechanical function in seed dispersal. Bio-silicification in higher plants.
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Selected Publications

Rivka Elbaum, gil goobes, janina kneipp, nurit filiba, sabrina diehn, victor m rodriguez zancajo
spectroscopic discrimination of sorghum silica phytoliths (2019)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
Rivka Elbaum, janina kneipp, milan soukup, victor manuel r zancajo
formation of root silica aggregates in sorghum is an active process of the endodermis (2019)| Journal of Experimental Botany| Read more
Rivka Elbaum, janina kneipp, max eisele, victor manuel r zancajo
nano ftir spectroscopy of in situ and extracted silica phytoliths (2019)| Berichte aus dem Julius Kühn-Institut| Read more
Ayelet Omid, Rivka Elbaum, gil goobes, Hanne Volpin, Yael Heifetz, javier arturo sanchezlopez, nurit adiramfiliba, Oren Tzfadia, santosh kumar, Shula Blum
grass silica mineralizer gsm1 protein precipitates silica in sorghum silica cells (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
Asaph Aharoni, Rivka Elbaum, Yael Abraham, yonghui dong
mapping of cell wall aromatic moieties and their effect on hygroscopic movement in the awns of stork s bill (2018)| Cellulose| Read more
Rivka Elbaum, ingrid zeise, janina kneipp, zsuzsanna heiner
insight into plant cell wall chemistry and structure by combination of multiphoton microscopy with raman imaging (2018)| Journal of Biophotonics| Read more
Rivka Elbaum, santosh kumar
interplay between silica deposition and viability during the life span of sorghum silica cells (2018)| New Phytologist| Read more
structural principles in the design of hygroscopically moving plant cells (2018)| | Read more
Rivka Elbaum, milan soukup, santosh kumar
silicification in grasses variation between different cell types (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
Rivka Elbaum, michael elbaum, santosh kumar, yaniv brami, yonat milstein
mechanism of silica deposition in sorghum silica cells (2017)| New Phytologist| Read more

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