Researcher interests: Marketing; agricultural marketing. Product demonstrations and sampling. Strategy of the food and agricultural sector. Promotion of food and produce. Branding of horticultural products. Incorporating economic and marketing modeling. Marketing of technologies; marketing of genetically modified foods (GMF). Handling pre-purchase risks. Adoption and marketing of innovations. The effects of health-hazard information on food choices.
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Selected Publications

David Zilberman, Amir Heiman
marketing for economists and life scientists viewing marketing tools as informative and risk reduction demand enhancing (2018)| | Read more
Amir Heiman, lutz hildebrandt
marketing as a risk management mechanism with applications in agriculture resources and food management (2018)| Annual Review of Resource Economics| Read more
David Zilberman, federico castillo, Amir Heiman, j keith gilless
time of adoption and intensity of technology transfer an institutional analysis of offices of technology transfer in the united states (2018)| Journal of Technology Transfer| Read more
ben gordon, David Zilberman, Amir Heiman
food beliefs and food supply chains the impact of religion and religiosity in israel (2017)| Food Policy| Read more
Amir Heiman, Oded Lowengart, sanjoy ghose
isolating strategy effectiveness of brands in an emerging market a choice modeling approach (2017)| Journal of Brand Management| Read more
potential psychological accounts for the relation between food insecurity and body overweight (2017)| Behavioral and Brain Sciences| Read more
Eyal Ert, Amir Heiman, ornit raz
poor seeing is believing when direct experience impairs product promotion (2016)| International Journal of Research in Marketing| Read more
bruce mcwilliams, David Zilberman, Amir Heiman
religion religiosity and the consumption of timesaving foods (2016)| | Read more
positioning gm food product benefits risk and loss aversion considerations (2015)| GMCC-15: Seventh GMCC, November 17-20, 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands| Read more
bruce mcwilliams, david r just, David Zilberman, Amir Heiman
a prospect theory approach to assessing changes in parameters of insurance contracts with an application to money back guarantees (2015)| Journal of Socio-economics| Read more

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