Researcher interests: Human impacts on plants, ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles at organismic, community and ecosystem scale, esp. trees and shrub.
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Selected Publications

Jose M. Gruenzweig, jose m grunzweig, paivi vaananen, shabtai cohen, yagil osem
differential drought resistance strategies of co existing woodland species enduring the long rainless eastern mediterranean summer (2019)| Tree Physiology| Read more
amy e eycott, anke jentsch, aud h halbritter, bernd josef berauer, casper t christiansen, david a robinson, ellen stuarthaentjens, Jose M. Gruenzweig, hanna lee, hans j de boeck, inger kappel schmidt, john d marshall, jose m grunzweig, josep penuelas, karin hansen, marc estiarte, peter a wilfahrt, ragnhild gya, sabine reinsch, sara vicca, sune linder, vigdis vandvik
the handbook for standardized field and laboratory measurements in terrestrial climate change experiments and observational studies climex (2019)| Methods in Ecology and Evolution| Read more
dan yakir, eyal rotenberg, Jose M. Gruenzweig, jose m grunzweig, rafat qubaja
evidence for large carbon sink and long residence time in semi arid forests based on 15 year flux and inventory records (2019)| Global Change Biology| Read more
alan k knapp, alexandru milcu, anke jentsch, aud h halbritter, bjarni d sigurdsson, bridget a emmett, claus beier, Jose M. Gruenzweig, gyorgy kroeldulay, hans j de boeck, ivan nijs, jacques roy, jose m grunzweig, juergen kreyling, juliette m g bloor, karel klem, klaus steenberg larsen, marc estiarte, Marcelo Sternberg, melinda d smith, michael bahn, petr holub, rien aerts, thomas wohlgemuth, vigdis vandvik
understanding ecosystems of the future will require more than realistic climate change experiments a response to korell et al (2019)| Global Change Biology| Read more
andreas fangmeier, Jose M. Gruenzweig, israel oren, jose m grunzweig, neringa mannerheim, nina buchmann, rita dumbur
patterns and dynamics of canopy root coupling in tropical tree saplings vary with light intensity but not with root depth (2019)| New Phytologist| Read more
dan yakir, didier bert, eyal rotenberg, fyodor tatarinov, Jose M. Gruenzweig, itzhak moshe, jerome ogee, jose m grunzweig, lisa wingate, nir her, shani rohatyn, tamir klein, yakir preisler
mortality versus survival in drought affected aleppo pine forest depends on the extent of rock cover and soil stoniness (2019)| Functional Ecology| Read more
daniel gliksman, Jose M. Gruenzweig, jose m grunzweig, rita dumbur, sabine haenel, yael navon
higher rates of decomposition in standing vs surface litter in a mediterranean ecosystem during the dry and the wet seasons (2018)| Plant and Soil| Read more
daniel gliksman, Jose M. Gruenzweig, jose m grunzweig, sabine haenel
biotic and abiotic modifications of leaf litter during dry periods affect litter mass loss and nitrogen loss during wet periods (2018)| Functional Ecology| Read more
dan yakir, daniel gliksman, ela zangy, Jose M. Gruenzweig, jose m grunzweig, sabine haenel, yagil osem, yakir preisler
litter decomposition in mediterranean pine forests is enhanced by reduced canopy cover (2018)| Plant and Soil| Read more
brent e ewers, choying huang, david d breshears, francisco lloret, Jose M. Gruenzweig, henrik hartmann, henry d adams, jose m grunzweig, katinka x ruthrof, lucia galiano, maria laura suarez, melanie j b zeppel, norbert kunert, richard c cobb, shaun r levick, simon m landhausser, tamir klein, thomas kitzberger, tuomas aakala, volodymyr trotsiuk, william r l anderegg, yakir preisler
ecosystem dynamics and management after forest die off a global synthesis with conceptual state and transition models (2017)| Ecosphere| Read more

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