Researcher interests: Functional ecology of food-web dynamics, especially ecological and evolutionary aspects of predator-prey interactions, stress ecology, inducible defenses, above-below ground interactions, ecological-traps, nutritional ecology, individual syndrome, ecology and evolution of conspicuous anti-predator colors and patterns, herpetology and especially lizard ecology, desert ecology, ecosystem conservation and restoration.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Dror Hawlena, moshe zaguri
odors of non predatory species help prey moderate their risk assessment (2019)| Functional Ecology| Read more
Dror Hawlena, michael kalyuzhny, tom haran
observation resolution critically influences movement based foraging indices (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Dror Hawlena, jose m grunzweig, nevo sagi
burrowing detritivores regulate nutrient cycling in a desert ecosystem (2019)| Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences| Read more
Dror Hawlena, moshe zaguri
bearding the scorpion in his den desert isopods take risks to validate their landscape of fear assessment (2019)| Oikos| Read more
cody l barnes, Dror Hawlena, marshall d mccue, shawn m wilder
consequences of prey exoskeleton content for predator feeding and digestion black widow predation on larval versus adult mealworm beetles (2019)| Oecologia| Read more
david m butler, didzis elferts, giedrius trakimas, Dror Hawlena, indrikis krams, jorge contrerasgarduno, markus j rantala, priit joers, raine kortet, ronalds krams, sarah e eichler inwood, severi luoto, shahi haque, tatjana krama
ecological stoichiometry a link between developmental speed and physiological stress in an omnivorous insect (2019)| Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience| Read more
cody l barnes, Dror Hawlena, shawn m wilder
predators buffer the effects of variation in prey nutrient content for nutrient deposition (2019)| Oikos| Read more
cody l barnes, Dror Hawlena, shawn m wilder
predicting predator nutrient intake from prey body contents (2019)| Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution| Read more
Dror Hawlena, michael kalyuzhny, tom haran
the observation resolution a neglected aspect with critical influence on movement based foraging indices (2018)| arXiv: Quantitative Methods| Read more
Dror Hawlena, moshe zaguri, yaara zohar
considerations used by desert isopods to assess scorpion predation risk (2018)| The American Naturalist| Read more

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