Academic staff
Researcher interests: Psychological factors contributing to the onset, maintenance and treatment of two mental disorders: Eating Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
Contact Business Development: Anna Pellivert

Selected Publications

abraham weizman, adi enochlevy, Eytan Bachar, dan j stein, eitan gur, lilach shalev, roni halevyyosef, yehuda pollak
the complexity of the interaction between binge eating and attention (2019)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Eytan Bachar, ehud levi
the moderating role of narcissism on the relationship between posttraumatic growth and ptsd symptoms (2019)| Personality and Individual Differences| Read more
Eytan Bachar, Bernard Lerer, k sarnerlevin, laura canetti, omer bonne, Yael Latzer
anorexia nervosa selflessness and gender role identity a study of daughters and parents (2018)| Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences| Read more
Eytan Bachar, laura canetti, omer bonne, uri pinus
selflessness as a predictor of remission from an eating disorder 1 4 year outcomes from an adolescent day care unit (2017)| Eating and Weight Disorders-studies on Anorexia Bulimia and Obesity| Read more
Eytan Bachar, diana rancourt, eyal ronen ackerman, marilyn stern, Michael Weintraub, omer bonne
weight trajectories of israeli pediatric cancer survivors (2017)| Journal of Pediatric Psychology| Read more
Eytan Bachar, Elliot M Berry, mario baras, sabina de geest
correlates of coping based on the concept of the sociotype a secondary data analysis of an israeli national survey (2017)| Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine| Read more
adva eichengreen, Eytan Bachar, dan hoofien
self relatedness questionnaire (2016)| PsycTESTS Dataset| Read more
Eytan Bachar, dan hoofien, eyal heled, richard p ebstein
verbal versus figural fluency tests in currently ill and weight restored anorexia nervosa patients (2016)| European Eating Disorders Review| Read more
adva eichengreen, Eytan Bachar, dan hoofien
empirically based suggested insights into the concept of false self defense contributions from a study on normalization of children with disabilities (2016)| Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association| Read more
Eytan Bachar, laura canetti, o bonne
deterioration of mental health in bariatric surgery after 10 years despite successful weight loss (2016)| European Journal of Clinical Nutrition| Read more

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