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Researcher interests: Behavioral decision making; descriptive analysis of individual decision making. Cognitive processes in negotiation. Evaluation of public goods and public policies.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Education
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Selected Publications

constantinos hadjichristidis, michele graffeo, nicolao bonini, Ilana Ritov
category bounded emotional enhancement spillover effects in the valuation of public goods (2018)| Cognition & Emotion| Read more
enrico rubaltelli, nira liberman, Ilana Ritov, tehila kogut
how far is the suffering the role of psychological distance and victims identifiability in donation decisions (2018)| | Read more
Ilana Ritov, tehila kogut
altruistic behavior in cohesive social groups the role of target identifiability (2017)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Ilana Ritov, tehila kogut
psychological determinants of charitable giving (2017)| | Read more
avi merzel, christopher olivola, judith avrahami, Ilana Ritov, yaakov kareev, yeonjeong kim
cooperation and coordination across cultures and contexts the volunteer s dilemma game (2017)| Academy of Management Proceedings| Read more
eliran halali, Ilana Ritov, tehila kogut
reciprocating more specifically to you the role of benefactor s identifiability on direct and upstream reciprocity (2017)| Journal of Behavioral Decision Making| Read more
Ilana Ritov, serhiy kandul
close your eyes and be nice deliberate ignorance behind pro social choices (2017)| Economics Letters| Read more
it s now or never using deadlines as nudges (2017)| Law and Social Inquiry-journal of The American Bar Foundation| Read more
Ilana Ritov, tehila kogut
helping an outgroup member or the outgroup the identifiability effect in an intergroup context (2017)| Intergroup helping, 2017, ISBN 9783319530246, págs. 87-102| Read more
elisha harlev, Ilana Ritov, Eyal Zamir
new evidence about circumstantial evidence (2016)| | Read more
daphna lewinsohnzamir, Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir, Ilana Ritov, tehila kogut
law and identifiability (2016)| Indiana Law Journal| Read more
Alon Harel, Ilana Ritov, yuval procaccia
on the economic effects of unenforced regulation in employment law (2015)| | Read more

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