Researcher interests: Resistance to change. Person-situation interactions in predicting attitudes and behavior. Leadership.
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Selected Publications

Shaul Oreg, yair berson
leaders impact on organizational change bridging theoretical and methodological chasms (2019)| The Academy of Management Annals| Read more
Shaul Oreg, yair berson
the impact of top leaders personalities the processes through which organizations become reflections of their leaders (2018)| Current Directions in Psychological Science| Read more
Noga Sverdlik, Shaul Oreg
translating dispositional resistance to change to the culture level developing a cultural framework of change orientations (2018)| European Journal of Personality| Read more
resistance to change and performance toward a more even handed view of dispositional resistance (2018)| The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science| Read more
Shaul Oreg, yair berson
the role of school principals in shaping children s values (2016)| Psychological Science| Read more
boram, gayoung lee, jean bartunek, Shaul Oreg
an affect based model of recipients responses to organizational change events (2016)| Academy of Management Review| Read more
Jacob Goldenberg, Shaul Oreg
chapter 3 it s not what you introduce it s how you do it the process of innovation introduction ()| | Read more

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