Researcher interests: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Arab-Jewish relations in Israel. Discrimination and bias.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

revital bar, Asaf Zussman
identity and bias insights from driving tests (2019)| The Economic Journal| Read more
NOAM ZUSSMAN, yael elster, Asaf Zussman
effective counter terrorism rockets iron dome and the israeli housing market (2019)| Journal of Policy Analysis and Management| Read more
revital bar, Asaf Zussman
customer discrimination evidence from israel (2017)| Journal of Labor Economics| Read more
conflict and the persistence of ethnic bias (2017)| American Economic Journal: Applied Economics| Read more
NOAM ZUSSMAN, yael elster, Asaf Zussman
rockets the housing market effects of a credible terrorist threat (2017)| Journal of Urban Economics| Read more
conflict and the ethnic structure of the marketplace evidence from israel (2016)| European Economic Review| Read more
elad demalach, David Genesove, NOAM ZUSSMAN, Asaf Zussman
the effect of proximity to cellular sites on housing prices in israel (2016)| | Read more
talia bar, vrinda kadiyali, Asaf Zussman
online posting of teaching evaluations and grade inflation (2014)| | Read more
courts after conflict (2014)| | Read more

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