Researcher interests: Environmental conflict resolution; natural resources management and governance and decision making under conditions of political and environmental uncertainties. He is a leading scholar on transboundary water institutions and Middle East water issues. He
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

community private sector partnerships in renewable energy (2019)| Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews| Read more
energy as a rewarding and punitive foreign policy instrument the case of israeli palestinian relations (2019)| Studies in Conflict & Terrorism| Read more
Itay Fischhendler, keren tenenboimweinblatt
the peace dividend as an intangible benefit in mega project justification a comparative content analysis of the dead sea red sea canal (2019)| Geoforum| Read more
Itay Fischhendler, jacob d petersenperlman
the weakness of the strong re examining power in transboundary water dynamics (2018)| International Environmental Agreements-politics Law and Economics| Read more
the political economy of energy sanctions insights from a global outlook 1938 2017 (2017)| Energy research and social science| Read more
Itay Fischhendler, josef van wijk
the construction of urgency discourse around mega projects the israeli case (2017)| Policy Sciences| Read more
the use of intangible benefits for promoting contested policies the case of geopolitical benefits and the israeli gas policy (2017)| Geopolitics| Read more
the geopolitics of cross border electricity grids the israeli arab case (2016)| Energy Policy| Read more
aaron t wolf, Itay Fischhendler, gabriel eckstein
the role of creative language in addressing political asymmetries the israeli arab water agreements (2016)| | Read more
Eran Feitelson, Itay Fischhendler, Amit Tubi
the effect of vulnerability on climate change mitigation policies (2012)| Global Environmental Change-human and Policy Dimensions| Read more

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