Researcher interests: General syntax, Semitic syntax, verbal systems (as viewed from text linguistics and the structural method), the structural syntactic method, functional sentence perspective, Old Babylonian syntax, Neo-Aramaic syntax.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

semitic genitive constructions an expanded view (2019)| Journal of Semitic Studies| Read more
the characterization of conditional patterns in old babylonian akkadian (2018)| | Read more
the functions of presentative constructions in jewish zakho neo aramaic (2017)| Journal of Jewish Languages| Read more
the modern hebrew prepositional relative clause strategy (2016)| Studies in Language| Read more
Eran Cohen, Daniel Cohn, matthew zarek, orgad laub
fibrinogen based tissue adhesive patches (2014)| | Read more
Eran Cohen, Kati Frid, Michal Mizrahi, Orli Binyamin, ruth gabizon, Tamar Canello, yael friedmanlevi
copper is toxic to prp ablated mice and exacerbates disease in a mouse model of e200k genetic prion disease (2012)| Neurobiology of Disease| Read more
adjectival sa syntagms and adjectives in old babylonian (2008)| Bulletin of The School of Oriental and African Studies-university of London| Read more
the copular clause in jewish zakho neo aramaic (2008)| Journal of Semitic Studies| Read more
addenda to non verbal clauses in old babylonian (2005)| Journal of Semitic Studies| Read more
alin knebel, Eran Cohen, daniel sher, david r morgenstern, eliahu zlotkin, nir nesher, tamar bsor, tzachy tal, yelena fishman
toxic polypeptides of the hydra a bioinformatic approach to cnidarian allomones (2005)| Toxicon| Read more

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