Researcher interests: Investigating the transcriptional responses to RTK signaling Signaling mediated by Receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) often leads to changes in gene expression. Accordingly, nuclear factors that are directly phosphorylated by MAPK play key roles in interpreting signals relayed by RTK pathways. For many years it had been assumed that most RTK responses in Drosophila are mediated by nuclear effectors belong to the Ets transcription factor super-family, such as Pointed and Yan. More recently, however, it has emerged that additional transcriptional regulators are direct substrates of MAPK/Erk. In particular, the induction of many RTK targets involves the phosphorylation and down-regulation of the repressor proteins Groucho and Capicua. Furthermore, phosphorylation of Groucho also provides a mechanism of long-term derepression, allowing prolonged transcription of RTK targets after transient MAPK/Erk activity has declined. To better understand how RTK signaling is interpreted in stimulated cells, and how this information is integrated with other cellular inputs, we are in the process of uncovering novel nuclear MAPK/Erk substrates. We expect their identification to provide insights into the transcriptional regulation underlying the changes in cell fate specification elicited by RTK signaling during development.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

aikaterini papagianni, gerardo jimenez, julia zeitlinger, maria jose andreu, marta fores, nina koenecke, nuria samper, Ze'ev Paroush, sergio gonzalezcrespo, shuonan he, wanqing shao, zeev paroush
capicua controls toll il 1 signaling targets independently of rtk regulation (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
aharon helman, Ze'ev Paroush, rotem lange, shaked barcohen, sharon mezuman, tatyana kushnir, zeev paroush
novel interplay between jnk and egfr signaling in drosophila dorsal closure (2017)| PLOS Genetics| Read more
a maimon, d kornspan, e berger, e shaulian, hovav nechushtan, Rotem Karni, Ze'ev Paroush, r grossman, rotem lange, s anzi, t zahavi, tatyana kushnir, zeev paroush
ras ndash erk signaling induces phosphorylation of human tle1 and downregulates its repressor function (2017)| Oncogene| Read more
Ze'ev Paroush, Rona Grossman, zeev paroush
high throughput in vitro identification of direct mapk erk substrates (2017)| Methods of Molecular Biology| Read more
michael j johnston, Ze'ev Paroush, shaked barcohen, todd g nystul, zeev paroush
phosphorylated groucho delays differentiation in the follicle stem cell lineage by providing a molecular memory of egfr signaling in the niche (2016)| Development| Read more
alex p gould, annick sawala, claus tittiger, einat cinnamon, gary j blomquist, leah wickenberg, Ze'ev Paroush, rami makki, zeev paroush
drosophila spidey kar regulates oenocyte growth via pi3 kinase signaling (2016)| PLOS Genetics| Read more
claudia nieva, gerardo jimenez, leiore ajuria, marta fores, nuria samper, Ze'ev Paroush, Rona Grossman, Sergio Astigarraga, sergio gonzalezcrespo, zeev paroush
origins of context dependent gene repression by capicua (2015)| PLOS Genetics| Read more
aharon helman, bomyi lim, gerardo jimenez, hang lu, maria jose andreu, Ze'ev Paroush, stanislav y shvartsman, tatyana shestkin, Yoosik Kim, zeev paroush
rtk signaling modulates the dorsal gradient (2012)| Development| Read more
Ze'ev Paroush, Rona Grossman, ronit nir, talila volk, zeev paroush
phosphorylation of the drosophila melanogaster rna binding protein how by mapk erk enhances its dimerization and activity (2012)| PLOS Genetics| Read more
gerardo jimenez, Ze'ev Paroush, stanislav y shvartsman, zeev paroush
the capicua repressor a general sensor of rtk signaling in development and disease (2012)| Journal of Cell Science| Read more

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