Researcher interests: Excitonic solar cells: optoelectronic properties of semiconductor quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles. Nanostructures for opto-electronic applications. Dye sensitized solar cells. Semiconductor and magnetic materials chemistry and physics. Hierarchical materials design. Colloidal synthesis of semiconductor and magnetic materials. Nucleation and growth of nanostructures.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Lioz Etgar, eugene a katz, francesco di giacomo, iris visolyfisher, k m anoop, mark v khenkin, stav rahmany, yulia galagan
bias dependent stability of perovskite solar cells studied using natural and concentrated sunlight (2019)| Solar RRL| Read more
Lioz Etgar, malgorzata wierzbowska, monika rai, stav rahmany, Vitaly Gutkin
tuning the optical properties of already crystalized hybrid perovskite (2019)| Solar RRL| Read more
avi schneider, Lioz Etgar, stav alon
evolution of photovoltaic performance in fully printable mesoscopic carbon based perovskite solar cells (2019)| Energy technology| Read more
batel cohen, Lioz Etgar, qingbo meng, yiming li
dion jacobson two dimensional perovskite solar cells based on benzene dimethanammonium cation (2019)| Nano Letters| Read more
amir sa ar, daniel amgar, elad hechster, Lioz Etgar, gabby sarusi, neta aradvosk, tal binyamin
electrical and optical characterization of quantum dots pbs tio2 based heterojunction as a swir detector and a proposed design of pbs tio2 peled as a swir to visible upconversion device (2019)| Materials Research Express| Read more
low dimensional perovskite stability solar cells and nanostructures (2019)| Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics| Read more
Lioz Etgar, Sanford Ruhman, Sigalit Aharon, tufan ghosh
monitoring hot exciton dissociation in hybrid lead halide perovskite films with sub 10 fs pulses (2019)| EPJ Web of Conferences| Read more
batel cohen, christophe tenailleau, Lioz Etgar, Sigalit Aharon
cell refinement of cspbbr3 perovskite nanoparticles and thin films (2019)| Nanoscale Advances| Read more
adva shpatz, Lioz Etgar, Sanford Ruhman, Sigalit Aharon, tufan ghosh
reflectivity effects on pump probe spectra of lead halide perovskites comparing thin films versus nanocrystals (2018)| ACS Nano| Read more
Micha Asscher, batel cohen, david cahen, Lioz Etgar, igal levine, michael kulbak, shankar harisingh, sujith ramakrishnan
cspbbr3 and ch3nh3pbbr3 promote visible light photo reactivity (2018)| Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics| Read more
alain rolland, alexandre gheno, Lioz Etgar, jacky even, james p connolly, johann boucle, laurent pedesseau, o durand, sylvain vedraine, yong huang
a new approach to modelling kelvin probe force microscopy of hetero structures in the dark and under illumination (2018)| Optical and Quantum Electronics| Read more
daniel amgar, Lioz Etgar, tal binyamin, Vladimir Uvarov
near ultra violet to mid visible band gap tuning of mixed cation rbxcs1 xpbx3 x cl or br perovskite nanoparticles (2018)| Nanoscale| Read more
Lioz Etgar, Sanford Ruhman, Sigalit Aharon, tufan ghosh
free carrier emergence and onset of electron phonon coupling in methylammonium lead halide perovskite films (2017)| Journal of the American Chemical Society| Read more

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