Researcher interests: Big Data - My research interests comprise several realms within the Complexity Science. More specifically, I work on analysis and theory of complex networks, modeling of dynamical systems, agent-based simulations and Econophysics. However, understanding of general network properties, dynamics of network evolution and function, and application of the research methods to the real world networks are currently my primary objectives.
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Selected Publications

Jacob Goldenberg, Lev Muchnik
seeding on moving ground how understanding network instability can improve message dissemination (2017)| GfK Marketing Intelligence Review| Read more
andrew stephen, Yaniv Dover, Jacob Goldenberg, Lev Muchnik
pump it out the effect of transmitter activity on content propagation in social media (2017)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
hilla brot, Jacob Goldenberg, Lev Muchnik, yoram louzoun
evolution through bursts network structure develops through localized bursts in time and space (2016)| Network Science| Read more
mesut yucel, Lev Muchnik, uri hershberg
detection of network communities with memory biased random walk algorithms (2016)| Journal of Complex Networks| Read more
hernan makse, jose andrade, lucas parra, Lev Muchnik, saulo reis, sen pei, Shlomo Havlin
corrigendum origins of power law degree distribution in the heterogeneity of human activity in social networks (2015)| Scientific Reports| Read more
hernan makse, Lev Muchnik, sen pei, Shaoting Tang, Zhiming Zheng
exploring the complex pattern of information spreading in online blog communities (2015)| PLOS ONE| Read more
hernan makse, jose andrade, Lev Muchnik, sen pei, Zhiming Zheng
searching for superspreaders of information in real world social media (2015)| Scientific Reports| Read more
hilla brot, Lev Muchnik, yoram louzoun
directed triadic closure and edge deletion mechanism induce asymmetry in directed edge properties (2015)| European Physical Journal B| Read more
Lev Muchnik, sean taylor, Sinan Aral
identity and opinion a randomized experiment (2014)| | Read more

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