Researcher interests: Tumor microenvironment and angiogenesis. Tissue response and resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy. Developing nanotechnology-based anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer with reduced tumor resistance and prolonged efficacy and tumor targeting. Anti-metastatic drugs. Ocular drug delivery systems for treating neovascular eye disease.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Ofra Benny, eva abramov, ouri schwob
film and ointment based delivery systems for the transdermal delivery of tnp 470 (2019)| Polymers for Advanced Technologies| Read more
adi karschbluman, Ofra Benny, miri assayag, ouri schwob, shimrit avraham
encapsulated carbenoxolone reduces lung metastases (2019)| Cancers| Read more
Ofra Benny, benzion amoyav
microfluidic based fabrication and characterization of highly porous polymeric microspheres (2019)| Polymers| Read more
adi karschbluman, ariel feiglin, Ofra Benny, Michael Berger, eliran arbib, hila shoval, ouri schwob, tal stern
tissue necrosis and its role in cancer progression (2019)| Oncogene| Read more
arnon fluksman, Ofra Benny
a robust method for critical micelle concentration determination using coumarin 6 as a fluorescent probe (2019)| Analytical Methods| Read more
Ofra Benny, benzion amoyav
body on chip a distant dream or an emergingreality (2018)| Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal| Read more
Ofra Benny, benzion amoyav
controlled and tunable polymer particles production using a single microfluidic device (2018)| Applied Nanoscience| Read more
Ofra Benny, moshe ehrenberg
evolving multidimensional pharmacological approaches to cnv therapy in amd (2018)| Current Eye Research| Read more
adi karschbluman, Amnon Peled, Ofra Benny, bryan m burt, david j sugarbaker, david yoon, devel laurent, dive vincent, ezra ella, gail amir, hanna wald, hyunsung lee, michal abraham, ori wald, oz m shapira, Uzi Izhar, yaniv harel
matrix metalloproteinase 12 promotes tumor propagation in the lung (2018)| The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery| Read more
Adi Lahiani, arnon fluksman, Ofra Benny, Cezary Marcinkiewicz, dikla haham, galit gincberg, peter i lelkes, philip lazarovici
nerve growth factor induced angiogenesis 1 endothelial cell tube formation assay (2018)| | Read more

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