Researcher interests: Climate change and its effects on the terrestrial biosphere (in particular plants and soils); how these changes in the biosphere feedback and affect the climate system and global warming.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Alon Angert, laura bigio
oxygen isotope signatures of phosphate in wildfire ash (2019)| ACS Earth and Space Chemistry| Read more
Alon Angert, frances diana pitt, hagar lis, Nir Keren, tal weiner
phosphate uptake by cyanobacteria is associated with kinetic fractionation of phosphate oxygen isotopes (2019)| ACS Earth and Space Chemistry| Read more
Alon Angert, laura bigio
isotopic signature of atmospheric phosphate in airborne tree pollen (2018)| Atmospheric Environment| Read more
alon amrani, Alon Angert, chen davidson, ward saidahmad
sulfur isotopes ratio of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide constrains its sources (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Alon Angert, boaz hilman
discrimination in tree stems o2 uptake and the dole effect (2018)| Global Biogeochemical Cycles| Read more
Alon Angert, arnaud carrara, boaz hilman, gerardo moreno, jan muhr, jose gruenzweig, jose grunzweig, joseph wright, mariah carbone, mirco migliavacca, norbert kunert, oscar perezpriego, paivi yuval, susan trumbore, tal weiner, yagil osem
comparison of co 2 and o 2 fluxes demonstrate retention of respired co 2 in tree stems from a range of tree species (2018)| Biogeosciences| Read more
Alon Angert, avner gross, boaz hilman, carrara, gerardo moreno, marion schrumpf, markus reichstein, mirco migliavacca, tal weiner
following the turnover of soil bioavailable phosphate in mediterranean savanna by oxygen stable isotopes (2018)| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
Alon Angert, avner gross
use of 13c and phosphate 18o labeled substrate for studying phosphorus and carbon cycling in soils a proof of concept (2017)| Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry| Read more
Alon Angert, avner gross, daniel palchan, michael krom
elemental and isotopic composition of surface soils from key saharan dust sources (2016)| Chemical Geology| Read more
isotopic signature of atmospheric phosphate emitted from coal combustion ()| Atmospheric Environment| Read more

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