Researcher interests: The physical chemistry of biologically relevant macromolecules; theore- tical study of the forces that act between and within macromolecules. Protein folding and interactions in stressed or crowded environments, with emphasis on the role of water and osmolytes in macromolecular stability. Lipid membranes as complex environments for proteins and other biomacromolecules.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

christoph allolio, Daniel Harries, ilan shumilin
how sugars modify caffeine self association and solubility resolving a mechanism of selective hydrotropy (2019)| Journal of the American Chemical Society| Read more
avishai barnoy, christoph allolio, Daniel Harries, ilan shumilin, Shahar Sukenik, shaked dunsky
how osmolytes modulate lipid interactions (2019)| Biophysical Journal| Read more
christoph allolio, Daniel Harries
the effect of ions on membrane elasticity implications for vesicle fusion (2019)| Biophysical Journal| Read more
amir haluts, christoph allolio, Daniel Harries
a local instantaneous surface method for extracting membrane elastic moduli from simulation comparison with other strategies (2018)| Chemical Physics| Read more
Daniel Harries, Hillary Voet, masha y niv, natalie ben abu
the taste of kcl what a difference a sugar makes (2018)| Food Chemistry| Read more
Daniel Harries, ilan shumilin, michal poplinger
impact of trehalose on the activity of sodium and potassium chloride in aqueous solutions why trehalose is worth its salt (2017)| Food Chemistry| Read more
Daniel Harries, liel sapir
revisiting hydrogen bond thermodynamics in molecular simulations (2017)| Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation| Read more
Daniel Harries, liel sapir
how do cosolutes stabilize macromolecules from bridging to depletion attraction (2017)| Biophysical Journal| Read more
Daniel Harries, liel sapir
wisdom of the crowd (2017)| Bunsen-Magazin| Read more
avishai barnoy, Daniel Harries, ilan shumilin, Shahar Sukenik, shaked dunsky
tmao mediates effective attraction between lipid membranes by partitioning unevenly between bulk and lipid domains (2017)| Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics| Read more
gadiel saper, Daniel Harries, Ariella Oppenheim, Uri Raviv, Roi Asor, Stanislav Kler
effect of capsid confinement on the chromatin organization of the sv40 minichromosome (2013)| Nucleic Acids Research| Read more

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