Researcher interests: Stem cells, Cellular reprogramming and transdifferentiation. The role of the immediate response gene ATF3 in cancer. Utilization of single-cell techniques to decipher the molecular mechanism of somatic cell reprogramming to pluripotency.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Benchetrit H, Buganim Y, Yossi Buganim , Inbar M, Jaber M1 Zayat V, Kaplan T, Lasry R, Makedonski K, Maoz N, Pushett A, Radwan A, Ram O, Renous N, Sebban S, Zakheim Z
Direct Induction of the Three Pre-implantation Blastocyst Cell Types from Fibroblasts (2019)| Cell Stem Cell.| Read more
Benchetrit H, Yossi Buganim , Herman S, Lansdorp P.M, Lasry R, Makedonski K, Maoz N, Sebban S, Stave D, van Wietmarschen N, Wu T, Xiao A, Yom Tov N, Zayat V
Extensive Nuclear Reprogramming Underlies Lineage Conversion into Functional Trophoblast Stem-like Cells (2015)| Cell Stem Cell| Read more
Yossi Buganim , elad barnathan, elya dekel, eyal kalo, Ido Goldstein, hilla solomon, ira kogansakin, moshe shay, Naomi Goldfinger, Perry Stambolsky, Shalom Madar, Varda Rotter, yoav shetzer
mutant p53r273h attenuates the expression of phase 2 detoxifying enzymes and promotes the survival of cells with high levels of reactive oxygen species (2012)| Journal of Cell Science| Read more
Yossi Buganim , Cheng AW, Faddah DA, Ganz K, Itskovich E, Jaenisch R, Klemm SL, Markoulaki S, van Oudenaarden A
Single-cell expression analyses during cellular reprogramming reveal an early stochastic and a late hierarchic phase (2012)| Cell| Read more

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