Researcher interests: Sociology of law. Access to justice. Female crime. Qualitative research methods. Criminology and foreign workers. Gender and social policy.
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Selected Publications

qualitative data in systematic reviews (2016)| | Read more
john gal, Ajzenstadt Mimi
social work and the construction of poverty in palestine in the 1930s (2015)| Qualitative Social Work| Read more
Ajzenstadt Mimi, Shomron Moyal
פערי ענישה בעבירות נהיגה בשכרות sentencing disparity in drunk driving offenses (2015)| | Read more
belle gavrielfried, einat peled, Ajzenstadt Mimi
normative identity construction among women diagnosed with a gambling disorder (2015)| American Journal of Orthopsychiatry| Read more
belle gavrielfried, Ajzenstadt Mimi
interview of pathological women gamblers (2014)| PsycTESTS Dataset| Read more
youth justice in israel (2014)| | Read more
assaf shapira, Ajzenstadt Mimi
la interpretacion socio juridica de la otredad en un regimen neoliberal el caso de los trabajadores extranjeros en los tribunales penales israelies (2014)| Delito y minorías en países multiculturales : estudios jurídicos y criminológicos comparados, 2014, ISBN 9788415690467, págs. 79-103| Read more
john gal, Ajzenstadt Mimi
the long path from a soup kitchen to a welfare state in israel (2013)| Journal of Policy History| Read more
belle gavrielfried, Ajzenstadt Mimi
securitization vs the yearning for peace in the israeli casino discourse (2013)| International Gambling Studies| Read more

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