Researcher interests: Prejudice, racism and discrimination in the Israeli construction sector. Labor law, welfare, and social rights. Domestic workers, migrant workers.
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Selected Publications

social inclusion for labour law meeting particular scales of justice (2018)| | Read more
customer domination at work a new paradigm for the sexual harassment of employees by customers (2017)| Michigan journal of gender & law| Read more
Einat Albin, virginia mantouvalou
active industrial citizenship of domestic workers lessons learned from unionizing attempts in israel and the united kingdom (2016)| Theoretical Inquiries in Law| Read more
Einat Albin, jeremias prassl
fragmenting work fragmented regulation the contract of employment as a driver of social exclusion (2015)| | Read more
universalizing the right to work of persons with disabilities an equality and dignity based approach (2015)| | Read more
union responsibility to migrant workers a global justice approach (2014)| Oxford Journal of Legal Studies| Read more
the sectoral regulatory regime when work migration controls and the sectorally differentiated labour market meet (2014)| | Read more

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