Assistant Professor (Lecturer) – Institute of Crim
Researcher interests: Experimental Criminology, Research Methods, Policing, White Collar Crime, Law and Society, Empirical Legal Studies, Deterrence Theory, Gangs.
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Selected Publications

Barak Ariel, lawrence w sherman, mark newton
testing hot spots police patrols against no treatment controls temporal and spatial deterrence effects in the london underground experiment (2019)| Criminology| Read more
Barak Ariel, matthew bland
is crime rising or falling a comparison of police recorded crime and victimization surveys (2019)| | Read more
Barak Ariel, jordan m hyatt, justice tankebe, maria emilia firpo, renee j mitchell, ricardo fraiman
using wearable technology to increase police legitimacy in uruguay the case of body worn cameras (2019)| Law and Social Inquiry-journal of The American Bar Foundation| Read more
Barak Ariel, ashley englefield, john denley
i heard it through the grapevine a randomized controlled trial on the direct and vicarious effects of preventative specific deterrence initiatives in criminal networks (2019)| Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology| Read more
Barak Ariel, john denley
whom should we target to prevent analysis of organized crime in england using intelligence records (2019)| European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice| Read more
Barak Ariel, cristobal weinborn, garry a ashbridge, hagit sabo brants, lorna mcewan, mark newton
reducing assaults against staff using body worn cameras bwcs in railway stations (2019)| Criminal Justice Review| Read more
Barak Ariel, emma antrobus, ian thompson
procedural justice training for police recruits results of a randomized controlled trial (2019)| Journal of Experimental Criminology| Read more
Barak Ariel, cristobal weinborn, david lawes, hagit brants sabo, kevin chen, ron henry
the less than lethal weapons effect introducing tasers to routine police operations in england and wales a randomized controlled trial (2019)| Criminal Justice and Behavior| Read more
Barak Ariel, elizabeth macbeth
place based statistical versus clinical predictions of crime hot spots and harm locations in northern ireland (2019)| Justice Quarterly| Read more
Barak Ariel, richard timothy coupe, simon rose
solvability factors and investigative strategy for faith hate crime anti semitic and islamophobic assault criminal damage and public order offences in london (2019)| | Read more

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