Senior Lecturer
Researcher interests: Intellectual property; trademark law. Advertising. Cultural legal studies. Freedom of expression. Property law, patent law, German civil law.
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Selected Publications

buying goods and doing good trademarks and social competition (2014)| | Read more
capitalism vs freedom (2013)| | Read more
magical thinking in trademark law (2012)| Law and Social Inquiry-journal of The American Bar Foundation| Read more
protection of trade marks against dilution a semiotic perspective (2009)| Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice| Read more
trademark law a semiotic perspective (2009)| | Read more
the dilution of culture and the law of trademarks (2009)| | Read more
der markenschutz und seine kulturelle bedeutung trademark protection and its cultural meaning (2008)| | Read more
image in der werbung (2007)| | Read more
the scope of protection of trademark image (2004)| | Read more

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