The Rodney Blackman Chair in the Philosophy of Law
Researcher interests: Moral, political, and legal philosophy. Metaethics; the relevance of metaethics to political philosophy. Moral and legal luck. Epistemology. Vagueness.
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Selected Publications

David Enoch, levi spectre
sensitivity safety and the law a reply to pardo (2019)| | Read more
how principles ground (2019)| | Read more
impartiality and realism reply to mancuso (2018)| Topoi-an International Review of Philosophy| Read more
sobel david from valuing to value a defense of subjectivism oxford oxford university press 2017 pp 352 85 00 cloth (2018)| Ethics| Read more
in defense of procedural rights or anyway procedural duties a response to wellman (2018)| Legal Theory| Read more
against utopianism noncompliance and multiple agents (2018)| Philosopher's Imprint| Read more
David Enoch, tristram mcpherson
what do you mean this isn t the question (2017)| Canadian Journal of Philosophy| Read more
hypothetical consent and the value s of autonomy (2017)| Ethics| Read more
the masses and the elites political philosophy for the age of brexit trump netanyahu (2017)| Jurisprudence| Read more
ii what s wrong with paternalism autonomy belief and action (2016)| Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society| Read more

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