Phillip and Estelle Mizock Chair in Administrative
Researcher interests: Jurisprudence, moral theory, political theory. Civil rights; freedom of speech. Rights in legal and moral discourse. Economic analysis of law. Theories of criminal law.
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Selected Publications

law as a leap of faith why and when obedience is virtuous (2019)| Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies| Read more
Alon Harel, roger brownsword
law liberty and technology criminal justice in the context of smart machines (2019)| International Journal of Law in Context| Read more
why privatization matters the democratic case against privatization (2018)| | Read more
assaf sharon, Alon Harel
dignity emergency exception (2018)| | Read more
comments on the future of law and economics (2017)| Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies| Read more
Ehud Guttel, Alon Harel, shay lavie
torts for non victims the case for third party litigation (2017)| | Read more
adam shinar, Alon Harel
the real case for judicial review (2017)| | Read more
eyal benvenisti, Alon Harel
embracing the tension between national and international human rights law the case for discordant parity (2017)| Icon-international Journal of Constitutional Law| Read more
avihay dorfman, Alon Harel
against privatisation as such (2016)| Oxford Journal of Legal Studies| Read more
why constitutional law matters between popular sovereignty and reason comments on we the people vol 3 the civil rights revolution (2016)| Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies| Read more

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