The Institute of Criminology Faculty of Law, Direc
Researcher interests: Policing divided societies; police-minority relations; protest policing and policing terror.
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Selected Publications

deborah bernstein, Badi Hasisi
echoes of domestic silence mechanisms of concealment in cases of family honour killings in mandate palestine (2019)| Middle Eastern Studies| Read more
lone terrorists a study of run over attacks in israel (2019)| European Journal of Criminology| Read more
gali perry, Badi Hasisi
closing the gap promoting suspect communities cooperation with airport security (2018)| Terrorism and Political Violence| Read more
the winding road to evidence based policy in corrections a case study of the israel prison service (2018)| Israel Law Review| Read more
anat zelig, efrat shoham, Badi Hasisi, noam haviv, David Weisburd
the whole is greater than the sum of the parts prison staff perceptions of domestic violence rehabilitation programs (2017)| International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology| Read more
who is the lone terrorist a study of vehicle borne attackers in israel and the west bank (2017)| Studies in Conflict & Terrorism| Read more
efrat shoham, gali aviv, Badi Hasisi, noam haviv, David Weisburd
reinforcing the impacts of work release on prisoner recidivism the importance of integrative interventions (2017)| Journal of Experimental Criminology| Read more
efrat shoham, ety elisha, Badi Hasisi, David Weisburd
for prisoners work works qualitative findings from an israeli program (2017)| The Prison Journal| Read more
the ten commandments for effective counterterrorism (2017)| | Read more
Badi Hasisi, Tal Jonathan-Zamir, tal jonathanzamir, yoram margalioth
is it the what or the how the roles of high policing tactics and procedural justice in predicting perceptions of hostile treatment the case of security checks at ben gurion airport israel (2016)| Law & Society Review| Read more
policing in israel studying crime control community and counterterrorism (2015)| | Read more
rational choice rewards and the jihadist suicide bomber (2015)| Terrorism and Political Violence| Read more

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