Vice Dean
Researcher interests: Law and economics. Commercial law. Law enforcement. Social norms.
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Selected Publications

behavioral law and economics introduction (2018)| | Read more
behavioral insights and basic features of the law (2018)| | Read more
judicial decision making (2018)| | Read more
an overview of behavioral law and economics (2018)| | Read more
commercial law corporate law securities regulation and antitrust (2018)| | Read more
economic analysis of law an overview (2018)| | Read more
criminal law and enforcement (2018)| | Read more
tax law and redistribution (2018)| | Read more
administrative constitutional and international law (2018)| | Read more
behavioral analysis of international law on lawmaking and nudging (2018)| | Read more
the oxford handbook of behavioral economics and the law (2014)| | Read more
criminal sanctions in the defense of the innocent (2011)| Michigan Law Review| Read more

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