Researcher interests: Data mining. Machine learning. Information retrieval. Information visualization. Artificial intelligence and algorithms. Designing algorithms to help people understand the underlying structure of complex topics; making sense of massive amounts of data.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science
Contact Business Development: Anna Pellivert
All projects by researcher: Learning from Rough Group Comparisons

Selected Publications

michael doron, Idan Segev, Dafna Shahaf
discovering unexpected local nonlinear interactions in scientific black box models (2019)| KDD 2019 : 25th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining| Read more
aniket kittur, felicia ng, hila lifshitzassaf, Joel Chan, karni gilon, lixiu yu, robert e kraut, Dafna Shahaf , Tom Hope
scaling up analogical innovation with crowds and ai (2019)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
christos faloutsos, jilles vreeken, matthijs van leeuwen, polo chau, Dafna Shahaf
addendum to the special issue on interactive data exploration and analytics tkdd vol 12 iss 1 introduction by the guest editors (2019)| ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery From Data| Read more
hiroyuki shindo, ronen tamari, Dafna Shahaf , yuji matsumoto
playing by the book an interactive game approach for action graph extraction from text (2019)| Proceedings of the Workshop on Extracting Structured Knowledge from Scientific Publications| Read more
aniket kittur, Joel Chan, joseph chee chang, Dafna Shahaf , Tom Hope
solvent a mixed initiative system for finding analogies between research papers (2018)| Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction - CSCW archive| Read more
eric horvitz, Eyal Lubetzky, Dafna Shahaf , yossi azar, yuval peres
tractable near optimal policies for crawling (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
aniket kittur, Joel Chan, Dafna Shahaf , Tom Hope
accelerating innovation through analogy mining (2018)| IJCAI'18 Proceedings of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence| Read more
aniket kittur, felicia y ng, hila liifshitzassaf, Joel Chan, karni gilon, Dafna Shahaf
analogy mining for specific design needs (2018)| Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems| Read more

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